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The folks are back in town

We are happy to announce that the President and Vice President of Water Street Antiques & Interiors (aka Mom & Dad) are back in town!  They are just home from a 10 day spending spree in Goa, India.  Though they missed out on our heat wave they did experience a little bit of their own with the weather conditions hovering at about 95 F, Humidity 88%, with a chance of rain.  They had some great food, great drinks, spicy food, not so great drinks and both came home with terrible colds…the joys of travel.  However,  you won’t hear me complain just the thought of putting Lilli on a plane for more than 4 hours sends chills down my spine…..not much room to dance, or run, or be the curious gal that she is on a jet plane!  We are thrilled to have them back and anxious to see the fruits of their labor.  Though my dad did suggest he is growing “too old” for traveling I know that he and my mom enjoyed some much needed time away from the business (even though they were away on business).  Funny how owning your own business means you “vacation” on business!

Mom had a great time sifting through endless piles of textiles.  Lots of new, fresh designs will arrive for Fall.  When she phoned me for my textile opinion she said, “They have  12 colors to choose from.  Should I focus on just a few?”  I replied, “Get all 12!”  Then she said, ” Should I get 5 of each?”  I replied, “No get 10 of each!”…..So long story short we have plenty of 60 x 90 and 90 x 108 table/bed covers in fantastic patterns which we are hoping will be loaded on the next container…..Oh and you have 12 colors to choose from.

In addition to great textiles mom and dad did buy a few pieces of furniture-nearly 1000 items.  As the containers begin to arrive we will have plenty of great furniture to choose from including cool industrial style furniture to great Portuguese Colonial antiques in teak wood and original painted finishes. Recycled wood tables, chairs, and other great finds will fill our warehouse floor just in time for sprucing up your home for the Fall and upcoming holiday season.

Welcome Home Mom and Dad or as Lilli would say “Grandmia and Grandpalaca”!