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2015 Wrap Up

How is 2015 already coming to a close? It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating its start. I guess it’s true the years go by faster and faster the older you get.


I know I said I would get better at this blogging thing but it’s a little harder than expected. I have tried quite a few times to sit and ponder what to write… no singular idea rose above the rest… so you will get a year-end wrap up!


Where do you start with a year-end wrap up though? It’s funny when your going through the days and weeks you don’t really think much has changed or that you have done much throughout the year. It’s not until you sit still that you realize just how much you did in a year. One of my favorite quotes embodies that thought, “Its only when you stop moving that you can see what really moved you”. We all live in such a fast paced world of go, go, go that often times we forget to look back and realize just how far we have come or just what we have accomplished.


The past 12 months have brought two trips to India for buying, a week long furniture show in Las Vegas, the grueling process of photographing EVERY item in the warehouse, and the arrival of over 3,000 pieces of furniture throughout the year via containers.


Somehow with all chaos my dad and I actually got to slip away to a Notre Dame game out in South Bend. Anyone who knows us particularly well… knows my family… especially my dad and I, eat breath and live Notre Dame football. You may notice neither of us is at the store when ND plays, or we possibly may have rushed you out to get home for the game… Sorry about that! My dad was born near South Bend while his father attended school there. I on the other hand was born during the halftime of the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game of 1989… So I guess you can say we were both born into it. For the first time since 2003 my dad and I were able to attend a game together in South Bend. That was a highlight to an already great year.


During the year we also had cause to pause and reflect at just how amazing the community that we call home is. A devastating fire that started in early September hit Amador and Calaveras counties. The fire ravaged through our picturesque counties and would go on to eventually burn 70,868 acres while destroying 475 homes. It may sound odd that such devastation showed how amazing our community was. However, if you were around the counties of Amador and Calaveras at the time you would understand and no other words would be needed. For those of you who were not around I am not sure words would do justice to the selflessness that was shown throughout the community in its determination to help anyone effected by the fires. The support not only shown to those affected by the fire but also the first responders was something that made you proud to call yourself a resident of this community. Everyone in Amador and Calaveras county will forever be grateful to the fire fighters, police and other first responders who came from all over the state, putting themselves in harms way, to help a county that was merely a dot on a map.


The second half of 2015 brought other new beginnings. My sister Kelly found her first job in teaching at Plymouth Elementary where she molds the minds of 2nd graders. The school of Plymouth is very lucky to have such an amazing and innovative teacher in their hallways. Speaking of hallways and schools there is a new little monster roaming the halls of Sutter Creek Elementary. My niece Lilli has started Kindergarten. Its hard to believe that she is already starting school…. Seems like just yesterday she fit in my forearm. Now she is spelling, drawing and learning about planets. We have our weekly class sessions at my parent’s house as she stands in front of everyone and “teaches” class.


2015 brought many new highs and lows, just as every year does. I hope that everyone is able to take one a minute out of your day to look back, and reflect on the year 2015.


Remember, “It’s only when you stop moving that you can see what really moved you”. The Water Street family wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2016. Thank you for making 2015 a year to remember.