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Fall, Football….Fun

Fall is on the horizon and all of us at Water Street sigh with relief as we welcome the cooler days and sunny skies with open arms.  The heat of the summer is something we all look forward to after the frigid cool of winter, however spending days on end in a metal warehouse with no insulation and 100+ temps begins to become a bit of a bear.  Lilli is lucky as she can somehow manage to squirt herself head to toe with water and look like a cute little bathing beauty….not sure dad or I would get away with such ruckus.

Fall also brings…!   For those who have been shopping at Water Street for any period of time know,college football is near and dear to the entire O’Neill family.  Our beloved University of Notre Dame started the season defeating Navy in Dublin, Ireland 50-10!   Hopefully this season is a great one as we look forward with anticipation and anxiety to each Saturday-Anticipating a win of course as life is much better with the male figures in the house when Notre Dame is on the up:-)  Let’s Go Irish!

Fall also happens to be my most favorite decorating time of the year.  I love the rich colors and the warm scents associated with the fall…pumpkin and spice, apples and cinnamon.  I love the idea of gathering around a big or small harvest table with my large or little family of three.  I love filling nooks and crannies with waxed gourds and pumpkins…filling dough bowls and other wooden vessels with fall decor…decorating the porch with rustic lanterns, a teak bench tossed with vibrant rust and aqua pillows and colorful pumpkins to spruce up the stairs.  Fall is fun and despite what my dad, brother and uncle think not all about football!

My mom and I have no problem buying accessories for fall.  For some reason the colors, patterns and vibe are easy for us to latch onto as we let our imagination run wild.  We have great fun spending our evenings spicing up the showroom in Sutter Creek with our Fall finds.  Expect to find great fall decor, fantastic furniture pieces and inspiration for your home this Fall season.  We will be working hard over the next few weeks to create the perfect environment for all of our gorgeous harvest tables and home decor. We also have plenty of containers on the horizon featuring dining room tables constructed out of recycled woods, sideboards and coffee tables all of which will make your gathering spot spectacular.

Come check out fall in our neck of the woods-If it’s a Saturday the game will be on and we’ll be rooting for the Irish.