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On their way to Canada in May of 1972…

Terry and Chris O’Neill stopped in Amador County and decided to stay. It was time to make a living and though they had no idea how, they also had no fear. One day, my Dad heard from an Irish sewer worker that antiques were cheap in Ireland and my parents were on the plane. The first full container of antiques from Ireland was only $1500 and the rest is history.

The Early Days

In the early days our antiques came from the farmlands of Ireland. My brother Kevin and I love to hear our parents stories of their travels in Ireland, their tales of late night pub stops and their favorite burger with fried eggs. In 1989,  I was ten when the Berlin Wall came down and we were one of the first to venture into the countries that now make up Eastern Europe. We found fabulous European Pine, European Enamelware and other rural antiquities on our never ending quest for the unique and unusual.

Traveling The World

Always a step ahead in design trends and value, Mom and I bought in England for years…we had great times on our annual trek for antiques and home decor. Our family travels have taken us into the depths of Argentina, Vietnam, Indonesia and currently the former Portuguese Colony of Goa, India. We have met all kinds of wonderful characters in our travels…people with whom we have developed great friendships and lots of memories.

Come meet the family and enjoy the fruits of our labor at Water Street Antiques & Interiors

– Terry, Chris, Kevin, Kelly, Cruz and Lilliana