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Welcome 2013

I have sat down many evenings the past few weeks attempting to write on our blog and the words simply will not flow.  I am not known for writers block, writers cramp or any other writing impairment.  I love to write.  I love words, particularly adjectives.  I love to vent and think, contemplate and analyze.  Writing has always been a relatively strong forte….so what now?  I seem to have difficulty knowing where to start.  Should I write about the holidays, our celebrations, the joy of a 2 year old on Christmas day, the excitement of a New Year?  Am I honest and personal? Shall I explain? Shall I dither? Shall I tell the truth?  Should I write about the sadness our family has felt?  In honesty, I feel as if I owe it to our customers, our valued customers, many of whom are like family to explain my absence over the last month.  So begins the tale…

The holidays this year seemed to sweep upon us here at Water Street frighteningly fast.  No sooner were we finished with Thanksgiving came all of the glorious events that the month of December hold such as Small Business Saturday, the Annual Christmas Open House and the Parade of Lights.  Not to mention the bustle and hustle of holiday shoppers young and old searching at Water Street for a great treasure for a loved one.  My mom spent many evenings well past closing assisting shoppers with their holiday purchases and putting things back in order for the next day.  She did all of this with a smile, a genuine smile.  She greeted customers warmly into our showroom, helped them plan the perfect holiday ensemble, assisted with gift ideas, wrapped purchases, wrapped more purchases and wrapped more purchases.  She did all of this because of her love for her business, but at the same time was fighting a powerful sadness inside of her.  You see, my mom lost her father just shy of the holiday season and there is no doubt that an emptiness in her heart has fallen suit.  She misses him, we all miss him greatly.  We miss him at Sunday dinner, we missed him at the ND game, we miss telling him about Lilli and all her Lilliness, we miss his great smile.  Grandpa loved the 49ers, he loved osso bucco, he loved Lucetti’s in San Mateo, he loved a straight up martini.  Grandpa also loved furniture.  He loved my mom and I rearranging his apartment-picking out a new sofa, a new wardrobe, a new desk and making his little apartment a place that he could rest and love….a home.  Though I might be a bit bias I do think Water Street is a great source for making any home, a cozy, comfortable home where celebrations are held, family is nearby and memories are made.

I feel as though 2013 is going to be a great year…..there are great things in store for Water Street, for the O’Neill family and for our valued customers.

Thanks for listening, thank you for your business and thank you for letting Water Street come into your house and make it a home.  We look forward to a great year and wish all of you nothing but happiness, health, and love.

Here’s to grandpa-Ciao

See you soon.