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Refresh your space for SPRING!

Spring is “springing” here in our neck of the woods.  The fields around our warehouse showcase a dense carpet made of green as far as the eye can see.  The mulberry bushes are growing, budding and getting ready to supply some needed shade come the summer months and our customers seem to be in Spring Fever mode….refreshing their spaces with fabulous new finds from Water Street.  All of this green grass, flowering business means stuffy nose, itchy throat, and burning eyes for yours truly.  The Spring means allergy season is upon me, it’s happening now, as we speak the little buds on the flowers and trees are casting their spell on my nose, my throat and my eyes.  Despite my clouded head I am eager to assist all of our clients with their furniture and accessory needs this Spring and excited to announce that we have just received:

NEW ARRIVAL at our main warehouse…..featuring over 200 quality piece including:

– teak wood benches for your outdoor space

– unique architectural elements…think garden gates, garden art or a new-old front door

– industrial carts featuring metal tops…perfect for outdoor entertaining

– and of course the bread and butter, the things that make the space inside your home….buffets, TV stands, tables and more.

Our showroom in Sutter Creek is expecting new arrivals this week of Caldrea home products, recycled glassware and other fun, refreshing, bright finds for your Spring accessory needs.

It’s a great time to visit us…..plenty of inventory to choose from, a beautiful landscape to enjoy, gorgeous weather……just be sure to bring the Claritin!