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Sunday dinner

Ronald Reagan once said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

For the past decade Sunday dinner at the O’Neill home has consisted of delicious recipe and non recipe favorites cooked up by my mom……who truly is a five star restaurant chef in disguise.  She spends her day off whipping up old family favorites but is always changing up the menu with new culinary treats from around the world.  Sunday dinner is my mom’s chance to get every one plus a few extras on occasion to sit around the table and enjoy a delicious meal-together.  Though the conversation usually begins with the going on’s of my brother (a college student who lives away from home) or the tales of Lilliana’s curiosities throughout the week it almost always, well always ends up about business.

The rustic pine harvest table that sits in my parent’s dining room has heard every idea, every contemplation, every complaint, every “aha” moment….every disagreement. We can sit for hours discussing what we should do, shouldn’t do, could have done, should have done….will do.  Our latest venture has been to freshen up our website and better reflect who we are at Water Street Antiques & Interiors.  Our hope is to get the word out to future customers and to remind past customers that we continue to  serve our clients a huge array of furniture and accessory pieces for every taste at affordable prices.  After 40 years in business we strive to not only have your old family favorite… but also the trendy, fresh items that you see in all of your current home decor magazines.

We’ve freshened up our website, made it easier to navigate. added photos to reflect who we are and what we are about while providing our clients with the information they need to make the trip to Water Street Antiques & Interiors.

Let us know your thoughts, your suggestions-We are open to change and strive to make the furniture buying experience a positive one.