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Furniture, architectural, and much more…August Arrival

Yesterday, after weeks of delays at the dock in Oakland, we were finally able to pull in our new load of inventory   The container arrived at 9 am sharp and our amazing crew plowed right in to unload all of our fun finds.  Over 3oo new furniture pieces including: coffee tables, nightstands, sideboards, wine cabinets, architectural elements (rustic old doors, window coverings, old columns) and fun fabulous folding tables with metal and wood tops!  It is always so much fun and loads of hard work to uncover all of our new pieces but worth the work as we fill up our warehouse yet again with great furniture.  We also received boxes filled to the brim with Indian style pillow cases, quilts, coverlets, tablecloths and more.  Not to mention, wooden bowls, metal vessels, old wooden shoe forms and plenty of handcarved wooden tablets….great for wall art.