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“For the times they are a-changin”

Just as the great philosopher Bob Dylan once said, “The times are a-changin”.  Many changes have happened over the past couple months at Water Street.  If you have been by the store in the last couple weeks you may have noticed the absence of my sister, Kelly, whom is the original writer of these blogs.  Kelly has been working on getting her teaching credentials recently at the local elementary school.  She has seemed to find her true calling as a teacher, a job that she will flourish at.  I figure if she can handle Lilli then she can for sure handle a class of elementary students.  Along with this lose of my sister, has come with the job of finding someone who can keep this blog going.

And that has been assigned to… well me… Kevin.  Although I have always been around and working off and on at the store I am finally a graduate of Sacramento State and working full time.  Filling the shoes of my sister, Kelly, as the writer of the blog will be a very tall task, as she is an AMAZING writer.  Where as for me, I would be lost without spell check. However, bear with me!

A few other new features that can be seen at Water Street is the addition of a small online sales section, which will display a few select items and also the newest arrivals to the floors of Water Street.  Be sure to check back every so often to take a glimpse of our new inventory.

Although, there has been a few changes to Water Street, much still stays the same.  My dad, Terry, still roams the aisles as he has since he first opened in 1972.  Always trying to balance his time between the workshop, overseeing the handcrafted custom pieces that we are creating, and the office.  My mom, Chris, still watches over the stunning showroom in Sutter Creek putting together orders of small home decor items to keep up on the newest trends.  Although, it always seems that she isn’t so much keeping up on the trends, as being ahead of the trends (My parents have always had a knack for the sensing the newest trends before the trendsetters even know).

All in all despite the small changes, we are still the same family run business who has provided quality home decor, with friendly customer service since 1972.